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Visit the Lamego City
“Lamego is an old city, spanning centuries along it's streets and plazas, where the history of it's stone foundations is revealed to us with each new glance, throughout the ages, cultures and styles – The Florence of Portugal. And so, the cultural capital of the oldest wine producing region in the world – The Douro Vinhateiro.” (Roughly translated from a message by the City Mayor.)
Visit Tarouca County
“In this small tract, the county of Tarouca was born during the Middle Ages. Portugal was unheard of, yet to be an independent country, and the territory still belonged to the Peninsula. It's history, in these ancient times cannot be separated from the peoples and tribes West of the Pyrenees. The Lusitanians were probably it's first inhabitants. Some historians consider them the result of a cross between the Celtic and Iberian peoples, whose migrations are lost in the shadows of time.”
Visit Beiradouro - Roteiros Mediavais
“Passage grounds to Santiago de Compostela, Lamego and Tarouca have a strong religious presence dating back to the Middle Ages. At the foot of it's castle, we find in Lamego a city with accented medieval overtones, evoking it's historical past. According to tradition, the first portuguese royal courts were held here between 1142/4 by the first King of Portugal. Along the EN 226 road, we find Tarouca in an immense, green valley. Egas Moniz was master of this land, where the once majestic Monastery of Saint John of Tarouca can be found. This was the first Cistercian monastery in Portugal, founded at the request of King D. Afonso Henriques and built next to the River Varosa.”
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Visit our Blog
"Welcome to the Eireira blog. We intend to use this space to discuss different opinions and points of view about the activities and products of the Eireira farm, but also about market investment, photography, music, recent political developments, etc.
This space is also yours and you are welcome to make contributions."
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